TIN HOUSE CREATIVE | Chile South America
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Chile South America

Chile South America

This past September  Black Diamond took us to La Parva South America on an adventure shoot in the Andes Mountains.  Our goal was to capture the new gear for fall 2014 for a variety of Black Diamond promotional campaigns.

The collage below is some frame grabs from the epic.  These have not been graded at all.  This is what we saw on top of the world.  Totally amazing.


Every day started with at least a 2 hour hike though blasting winds over a martian landscape of shattered rocks and ashen sands.  The harsh environment hammering these mountains for millions of years created an alien landscape.  With 50lb packs, it was a rude awakening for our summer legs.

The team of Ben Woodworth, Adam Clark, Alex Hamlen, Bob Downs, and Susan Pratt, was an amazing group of people who’s passion for the outdoors kept us motived and entertained the entire week.

Our last night in Chile we finished our afternoon shoot around 3pm.  We then hiked up on one of the many stunning ridge lines of La Parva to wait for the sunset around 7:45.  Our goal was to shoot the Megamid tent with one of La Parva’s world famous sunsets.  The clouds broke at just the right moment, and we got some of the most stunning imagery we have ever captured, and we got it in 5k with our new RED EPIC.

We are looking forward to seeing how they use our footage.